Digital Twin Workflows for 

Elastomer Durability 

April 26th, 12:00 Noon, EDT

The Adaptive Corporation and Endurica are hosting a discussion of recent Endurica developments.

The Digital Twin add-on enables incremental/multistep fatigue analysis workflows, as well as calculation of remaining life.

There will be a conceptual introduction to analysis of multistep duty cycles, as well as practical applications including:

  • Offshore Flexjoint

  • Transmission Mount

  • Tire Under FMVSS Durability Test Conditions


willmars2.jpgWill Mars, Ph.D.

Founder and President, Endurica

Dr. Will Mars is an international leader in the failure mechanics of rubber. He has received several awards for his scientific contributions and innovations, including the 2017 Rubber Division ACS Arnold Smith Special Service Award, the 2007 Sparks Thomas award of ACS Rubber Division, and the 1999 Henry Fuchs award of the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation committee.


Tire and sciece workshop (2).jpg

Mike Koepp

Senior Simulation Consultant, Adaptive Corporation

Mike Koepp is a senior simulation consultant at Adaptive Corporation. Since joining Leading Edge Engineering (now the Simulation group at Adaptive) in 2007, Mike has worked as an application engineer, assisting customers across a wide range of industries in design and analysis projects, including advanced nonlinear FEA, durability, analytical variation analysis, optimization, and process automation. Mike is also a certified technical support engineer aiding end-users of Adaptive's value-added resale software offerings.